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Devotion (Lotion)

Devotion (Lotion)

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Devotion is a high-end brand of lotion blend with all-natural ingredients.

Such as:

Distilled Water

Almond Oil

Emulsifying Wax

Honey / Glycerin

Leucidal Liquid SF (natural preservative)

Vitamin E Oil

Lavender & Vanilla Oils


Ideal for:

  • Nourishing dry to very dry skin
  • Placing the moisture back into your skin
  • Providing immediate & long-lasting relief
  • Leaving skin softer & healthier
  • Applying after showering or bathing
  • For women or men


Brand Name: Devotion

Type of product: High-End Lotion

Color of bottle: Rose Gold

Product Variation (scents): Lavender with Vanilla Blend

Net Contents: 50ml

Packaging: Custom Packaging

Shipping: R1 Shipping

Devotion (Lotion)

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